A world full of comforts

The KURECK stands for the idea of contemporary living in a high-rise environment. With unparalleled communal areas creating a high degree of comfort and quality of life. Das fängt bei der großzügig gestalteten, repräsentativen Lobby an. It all starts in the spaciously designed and high-specification lobby. As in a top-class hotel, there is a concierge service for receiving guests and to take care of both the important things and minutiae of everyday life.

Similar to a top-class hotel: lobby with concierge servce.

Exercising in comfort and privacy

Space for fitness and yoga

The property’s in-house gym offers convenient excersing space with views over the city and a regular opportunity to do something for one’s health and finess in a private ambience. A further harmoniously designed room is available for yoga, relaxation and massage. There is also a spa facility with sauna, steam room and tingly cold showers.

Gym with a view.

Haven of tranquility high above the city

A truly special retreat

The extensive, high-specification roof terrace offers plenty of space for leisure and winding down. The exclusive box seat 64 m above the rooftops is reserved for the exclusive use of the KURECK’s residents
and guests, and offers elegant surroundings for a summery outdoor life.

Sunset with spectacular view over Wiesbaden.